“Thanks, for making the process so easy.  I highly recommend Attorney Menszer.”   -Tyler Patin

“It was a pleasant working experience while navigating through financial challenges.  I would highly recommend Mr. Menszer to my friends or anyone needing his services.”    -Terry Martin

“You did very well for me.  You helped with my mother’s succession property and were always there for any problem.”     -Alcenice Reed

“I have been very, very pleased with the work you did for us.  You are a kind person.”    -Clarence and Ivy Moore

I personally handle all phases of my clients cases, and pride myself in being available to them and taking an interest in their issues.  I try to see things from their points of view.

I didn’t always want to be a real estate lawyer.  I was in a family real estate business and sought to improve my situation through education.  The legal study was challenging and I found that many lawyers are actually nice people.

Law is about language and rules, but people come to you to get things done.  You have to keep in balance what the law allows and the results you are trying to achieve.  I have always stayed away from the parts of the profession where the attorneys aim to vanquish each other.

I have a feel for real estate and business due to my background.  I have sympathy and understanding for these major life issues – taking out a mortgage, buying property, attending a closing, having a problem with the parish or the city, financial pressures – all the things that can make or get in the way of making people’s dreams come true.  I’m passionate about helping people solve these problems.

The best part of my job is my clients.  I’ve had the honor of working with people who bring me really good energy and I learn a lot from them.